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- Edited by: Aria Jenneth on 20/08/2011 16:06:25 You are making the common mistake of assuming any de ...2011.08.20 16:01:00
- Not once in any ILF statement in this entire discussion has the word 'victory' been used.Maybe not, ...2011.08.20 05:33:00
- Edited by: Aria Jenneth on 20/08/2011 05:15:26Well ... my studies of the core Caldari faith are a li ...2011.08.20 05:09:00
- Edited by: Aria Jenneth on 19/08/2011 01:40:33 Not bad, Ms. Ashera. Not bad at all. There's only th ...2011.08.19 01:39:00
- Edited by: Aria Jenneth on 18/08/2011 23:03:56 Hm. It is a bit funny how only those loyal to the cl ...2011.08.18 23:01:00
- You should stop flagellating yourself someday.The thing about flagellating yourself: it's supposed t ...2011.08.17 20:20:00
- Thank you, Mr. Valadeus.Mr. Qansh:But here's where I came up short -- how can this knowledge not be ...2011.08.17 19:27:00
- Edited by: Aria Jenneth on 17/08/2011 16:53:30 This is not faith, it is observation and philosophy ...2011.08.17 16:50:00
- Oh, they're not Caldari, are they? I'm sure I can conveniently dismiss any elements of the FDU as "n ...2011.08.17 15:01:00
- I just think that there's always going to be that missing kernel and that's what I'm talking about.. ...2011.08.17 14:48:00
- Now, with your wanton declarations, I can see the true nature of the Caldari and I am glad I did not ...2011.08.16 23:19:00
- Ah, and there I totally forgot to comment on another important thing:We did produce sort of a sea of ...2011.08.16 20:56:00
- Edited by: Aria Jenneth on 11/08/2011 22:47:06 Yet how else to explain the Empress Sarum?Greetings, ...2011.08.11 22:37:00
- Who are the other Amarrians arguing with you, other than Templar Mithra, if I may ask ?Before Templa ...2011.08.11 21:13:00
- My boss concludes with this thought... "if you think cloning and capsules deny humanity, think about ...2011.08.11 17:45:00

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