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- For my part, I had wet dreams about making it 100%.. cause I really dislike people farming ISK with ...2009.11.30 15:05:00
- 1. Corporations exist. 2. They are awesome. 3. Not joining one as soon as possible is silly.Out of t ...2009.07.21 09:32:00
- Psiri, the game is not going to change because you're whining about it.Since that's true, and you pr ...2009.07.13 02:40:00
- All T2 ships get four bonuses except the assault frigs, the forth bonus was the resists but was remo ...2009.07.11 12:28:00
- Proteus fails at obtaining 125mbits of drone bandwidth, and therefore fails in general. ...2009.07.11 12:17:00
- Refinery Efficiency 5 is also a prereq for Scrapmetal Processing. ...2009.06.19 15:20:00
- Walking In Stations to be released shortly before Duke Nukem Forever. ...2009.06.14 12:12:00
- Social skills will aid you in building standing faster, and earning LP for all corps. They will not ...2009.06.14 12:08:00
- So I know there's the salvage skill that improves the chance of getting stuff from salvagingNo skill ...2009.06.14 11:57:00
- A small number of ships (Imicus, Ishtar...and that might be about it, in the sub-capital sizes) have ...2009.06.14 11:55:00
- Bandwidth is one of a very few ship attributes that cannot be changed by any possible means (short o ...2009.05.26 06:02:00
- (Btw. Does Guristas and Sansha's standings means anything? Or is it only the Races like Gallente and ...2009.05.18 07:18:00
- Even if that 5% shareholder is not a member of the corp that is voting? (In this case, Corp A)Yes, a ...2009.05.18 07:13:00
- Edited by: Gaius Sejanus on 17/05/2009 14:28:23 Edited by: Gaius Sejanus on 17/05/2009 14:24:15 Ye ...2009.05.17 14:22:00
- Edited by: Gaius Sejanus on 17/05/2009 09:41:02 It's not ridiculous nonsense its basic math and log ...2009.05.17 09:34:00

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