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- I cant see how these changes are meant to be an improvement to the deimos. Losing a lowslot means I ...2008.02.03 14:07:00
- I made a thread about this some months ago and was shouted down for it.The problem with this mechani ...2008.01.24 16:57:00
- Lachesis - Improved Cloak IISpeed while cloaked: 57m/sSurely it would make sense if it had the same ...2008.01.23 00:41:00
- Edited by: Avataris on 23/01/2008 00:02:24 by giving them a cloaked speed bonus like their counterp ...2008.01.22 23:59:00
- Thanks guys, will look into that. ...2008.01.15 19:20:00
- Maybe if I jog people's memory I will get a reply..that november expansion of ours reported by CCP ...2008.01.15 17:58:00
- Edited by: Avataris on 15/01/2008 16:49:54 /edit removed whine A variety of named drones 'some bet ...2008.01.15 16:15:00
- The thermal resists on the deimos are already pretty good without the thermic membrane or thermal ri ...2008.01.01 14:37:00
- Please stop. ...2007.12.27 18:38:00
- No-one dares admit they have an original effective setup as it will get hit with the nerf bat.All ou ...2007.12.26 13:47:00
- there are 5 other ships in game now that get a bonus to warp disrupter range, each one of them is ch ...2007.12.26 13:21:00
- The Arazu is not worth buying, training for, or flying right now.I used to have one, and quite onjoy ...2007.12.26 12:05:00
- I have noticed in some of the 'Nerf Speed' threads that the removal of pirate implants, or the nerfi ...2007.12.25 13:57:00
- Couldnt care less, this game is about flying.That being said, if we MUST have walking, then I guess ...2007.12.24 13:58:00
- Edited by: Avataris on 24/12/2007 13:19:43 Its pointless arguing the pros and cons of a nerf on the ...2007.12.24 13:16:00

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