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- Signed ...2008.12.30 15:27:00
- Signed ...2008.12.30 15:10:00
- How about moving Sovereignty from Alliances to Corporations. This should provide for more fragmented ...2008.12.30 14:59:00
- This is a great idea.The transport of goods between the Planetary Hub and the Planet itself could be ...2008.12.30 14:49:00
- I support the idea of Sovereignty being moved from Moons to Planets. I also have an idea about how t ...2008.12.30 14:42:00
- Can you please elaborate on what you mean by 'ISK Farmers'? And macros? Do you mean there are automa ...2007.11.03 21:50:00
- I'm having the same problem. Start EVE, get the splash screen then just goes black and sits there. I ...2007.09.02 15:30:00

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