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- Isayo leading the way with taxes eh? You guys need to hold elections again =p ...2007.11.13 14:04:00
- i wonder how much of bob is full of people like you who jumped ship to be part of the cool kids club ...2007.10.30 18:28:00
- For those who want to understand what Cyllaina is and what BoB have become, read this threadhttp://w ...2007.10.30 18:19:00
- Hi BH, still stalking me? You can dig up whatever you like, Propaganda from another time and a diffe ...2007.10.30 18:11:00
- Edited by: Lianlan Lou on 30/10/2007 18:00:03 Actually Goonswarm was a much more effective fighting ...2007.10.30 18:02:00
- Edited by: Levka on 30/10/2007 17:54:52 *makes another post*I was posting just to see how long it t ...2007.10.30 17:59:00
- Wow Mit, you really are kicking it up a notch these days eh? Gotta live up to the image of a deprave ...2007.10.30 17:30:00
- All of you IAC guys really should hold off on all the smack though, the day IAC makes up more than 5 ...2007.10.30 17:16:00
- Remember...goons claim this war will be over by Christmas.yeah... so did churchhill....... and that ...2007.10.30 17:07:00
- OK, so ... forget tinfoil, and props to COW and BoB for bringing it, y'all. Facts?1) Bob POS in FAT ...2007.10.15 19:33:00
- Sorry to hear this Raniy. I know that EELN helped IAC a lot in the past even with small numbers. I a ...2007.10.04 15:39:00
- I was there for the initial POS fighting, was heading home when IAC undocked, I started to head back ...2007.09.04 18:33:00
- Bistot is a poor man's arkonor =] ...2007.06.21 17:07:00
- I miss STK-S =[[[ Thanks for the freighters! :-o ...2007.06.21 16:51:00
- Yeah I know, but I wouldnt build an outpost just to mine Crokite.....Ah well, to each their own =p ...2007.06.21 15:21:00

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