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- truncated content ...2009.06.10 18:05:00
- God, I'm off work now. I don't wanna get back to charts and diagrams. ...2009.06.10 18:04:00
- Botting accounts pay CCP's bills too. Directly or with ISK, there's always a real-cash game time pur ...2009.06.10 17:57:00
- This being roughly 99.9% of alliance-based fleet combat (with the balance at POS's or shooting stati ...2009.06.10 17:49:00
- The way you'd want to implement this is to have in-station jumps actually work properly and not just ...2009.06.08 00:28:00
- Posting in an epic thread to confirm that the OP is a whiner. A terrible idea with zero contact with ...2009.06.08 00:20:00
- Castrate the Veldatar of all combat capabilities and bring him to Amarr as a living tourist attracti ...2009.06.08 00:13:00
- No brainer! Standing slots are a chore and POS access and coordination is no fun either. ...2009.06.08 00:08:00
- No brainer. Unless it's a 'sneaky' way for CCP to actively encourage scams. Change the color, add a ...2009.06.08 00:03:00
- Supported for industry, trade and mining update! ...2009.06.08 00:00:00
- Supporting not to let CCP dismiss the issue they promised to look into. ...2009.06.07 23:59:00
- I don't fly supercaps myself but moms currently look like e-peen extensions similar to T3 cruisers. ...2009.06.07 23:54:00
- When I first saw a capship jumping next to my frig, I nearly ****ed my pants. It had that 'epic fact ...2009.06.07 23:44:00
- Edited by: Cissenei on 07/06/2009 23:42:21 Reimbursement means that CCP admits that something was n ...2009.06.07 23:41:00
- this issue was just unanimously passed and will be brought to the CSM/CCP meeting in iceland :)Yay C ...2009.06.07 23:37:00

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