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- Great show as always; the bit on the the overview tabs was a good lead-in, but where it was really h ...2008.05.03 00:29:00
- Ombey,The maps are fantastic as always! I know there are some other maps available, but they will h ...2008.03.11 11:21:00
- I'll climb on the bandwagon, too. 2Kay / CCP - any action happening on the API? Really interested ...2008.03.05 19:25:00
- Is EVE-Central down? No response either in or out of game. Tuesday March 4th, 2008. 1309 GMTThanks, ...2008.03.04 13:11:00
- One of the fundamental impediments to conquering and holding 0.0 stems from attempting to cross the ...2008.01.30 10:59:00
- Eastern US here, and no problems at all with DC. ...2007.12.02 18:24:00
- The trailer is a work of art unto itself. And to think we get to fly those beautiful works of art i ...2007.11.29 05:08:00
- CCP, you made the right call. Thanks for the updates, and it gave me an excuse to get some yard wor ...2007.10.20 14:09:00
- EVE is for the astute, the aware, the at-the-very-least-semi-sentient. This is a good thing, becaus ...2007.10.02 12:06:00
- Love the EVE merch, but you're missing a COFFEE MUG, for those of us who log on before we actually w ...2007.10.02 12:00:00
- Agh, when do you guys go to a twice-a-week format!? One 'cast per week is wholly inadequate.Great b ...2007.09.28 22:29:00
- Another Trade-related set of features:View by trade volumes (better dim Jita a bit, or no other syst ...2007.09.24 12:11:00
- If you want to participate, please be careful to whom you send isk. There is not only a copycat char ...2007.09.19 21:30:00
- Has there been any consideration toward allowing a FW pilot to "call in support" from the faction na ...2007.09.14 17:22:00
- Edited by: Adhar Khorin on 11/09/2007 23:24:28 It's nice (though disheartening) to see other pilots ...2007.09.11 23:24:00

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