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- funny, I always thought there'd be more from the NW in game and had all but given up until I saw the ...2008.02.09 19:58:00
- Bump!Recruitment still open. -0.0 access -PvP -missions -trading -ratting -mining -a great gr ...2007.09.30 23:25:00
- Ore Hunter, replied to your inquiries ingame, any other questions you have, feel free to ask. ...2007.09.15 19:55:00
- Found a good home, thanks to all who responded and good luck. ...2007.05.04 03:44:00
- Edited by: uncharasmatic on 04/05/2007 03:36:43 Edited by: uncharasmatic on 03/05/2007 23:33:58 Wh ...2007.05.03 23:37:00
- Thanks to all who've shown interest.recruitment is still open.Evemail with questions or join PROWL i ...2007.04.08 03:07:00
- strange character switch... anyway, above is still true ...2007.04.04 04:10:00

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