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- Unless you tie the loan to the actual account to effect all 3 toons / alts...a loan will never work. ...2011.03.07 17:21:00
- (...Continued from previous post)Balancing Points: A number of the rules can be adjusted to balance ...2011.03.07 02:08:00
- (...Continued from previous post)Other thoughts and ideas:Why create a game mechanic for something t ...2011.03.07 02:06:00
- Encouraging microcredit with a loan contract systemRecently, there has been some discussion of micro ...2011.03.07 02:02:00
- either the player is getting the loan though his corp of though someone else he is socializing by ...2011.03.04 19:47:00
- stop dreaming about some tools for helping loans, i doubt it will ever happen :/ devs want risk any ...2011.03.04 19:23:00
- Or..."Biomass service unavailable: I'm sorry but you have an unfinished contract with Vinnie "Thumbs ...2011.03.04 19:13:00
- Sounds good, but what if the borrower biomasses the character he used to take out the loan? Yup, it ...2011.03.04 18:44:00
- A game mechanic could be added to make low-collateral loans possible. Imagine going to the contracts ...2011.03.04 17:54:00
- Edited by: Polemarchus on 02/03/2011 16:39:09 Wikipedia has a nice synopsis on microcredit: http:// ...2011.03.02 15:53:00
- Microcredit works in the real world because the participants are part of a community. A woman in Ban ...2011.03.02 15:33:00
- Edited by: Polemarchus on 27/02/2011 13:49:16 Empyrean Age was definitely a better read, with a mor ...2011.02.27 13:48:00
- One of the Quarterly Economic Newsletters had some market data on T2 ships a year or so ago. It show ...2011.02.27 13:31:00
- "Imagine that! It never occurred to me to think of SPACE as the thing that was moving!"- Montgomery ...2011.02.27 13:21:00
- What makes PI fun is the planning. I enjoy figuring out the most efficient ways to setup a factory s ...2011.02.27 13:14:00

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