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- Gallente ships are the ugliest.Osprey, however, is caldari and def IS an ugly ship!Those of you call ...2009.05.21 14:51:00
- Trying to figure out if spending extra money on faction ammo pays off with faster completion times e ...2009.05.21 13:49:00
- troll thread! how could you all fall for it? ...2009.05.20 21:06:00
- Am I missing something as I use a destroyer - Catalyst is my favourite - expanders in the low, ab in ...2009.05.18 21:03:00
- I tried to reserve engineering once but some **** in a fancy suit stole it right out from under me a ...2009.05.15 21:26:00
- If you need cargo space of around 300m3 look into the Probe. ...2009.05.14 17:55:00
- I wouldn't mind doing L4 missions in lowsec really, as long as it was impossible to scan you down on ...2009.05.14 17:33:00
- Fixed that for you. Especialy that i pvp in empire. oops should have been for the OP.anyway, mak ...2009.05.14 16:39:00
- Fixed that for you. ...2009.05.14 16:25:00
- I'd like this checkbox for the map prefs...."Show the names of star systems connected to the one cur ...2009.05.13 15:38:00
- Hijack!Is there a way to show the names of STARS? Like every star in the region you're in? I get ann ...2009.05.11 21:11:00
- Edited by: Cade Morrigan on 11/05/2009 15:28:16 Maybe drop: Large shield booster Shield amp Med ...2009.05.11 15:27:00
- I liked the expanding rings. ...2009.05.09 13:12:00
- The blue sonar like wave was just pretty perfect IMHO. They could have updated this but the current ...2009.05.08 14:52:00
- Yes, gimmeh a Drake with MOAR TANK.Your F-Drake will get another low slot. Yeah no ****, and it'll ...2009.05.08 14:18:00

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