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- omfg great vid Ulvi! ...2009.08.12 07:41:00
- Back when I was a noob flying something horrible like a rocket + railgun Scorpion with civ shield bo ...2009.07.30 06:37:00
- I use my Macbook Pro for the same things you mention. It definitely performs well enough for everyth ...2009.07.13 17:55:00
- I'm with Izo, great shots and camera work in there but have a look at mixing up transitions a bit. I ...2009.07.03 20:18:00
- Dunno about tactical stuff, but it does help make for awesome flyby shots. Hold down ctrl while doin ...2009.06.24 06:03:00
- Dark Drum 'n Bass + Eve vid = yummeh. Someone may have used this already, but Unknown Error is the r ...2009.06.10 06:12:00
- Epic visuals, amarr ships, still the most beautiful vid, CH1 Vanguard?There's a high quality version ...2009.06.06 05:54:00
- Works for me.. just search on eve-files then I guess as that's where it is. ...2009.05.28 05:56:00
- Awesome vid. Linkage ...2009.05.27 06:02:00
- Edited by: Dire Lauthris on 15/05/2009 08:03:14 Seems to work ok for me, I've added an eve-files li ...2009.05.15 07:55:00
- I've pretty much given up on Premiere Pro for all but fast sequencing as at some point it started gi ...2009.05.13 03:52:00
- Awesome, epic, inspiring... just everything. Thank you!! ...2009.05.10 15:35:00
- Edited by: Dire Lauthris on 10/05/2009 15:36:04 WOOT ...2009.05.10 15:21:00
- happy birthday ...2009.05.06 10:14:00
- Never used Vegas, but it looks like this guy has created a typewriter preset for Vegas8 ProType. Pro ...2009.05.01 06:48:00

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