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- Think again 25. CCP reserves the right to close, temporarily or permanently, any userís account wit ...2010.02.06 22:16:00
- Edited by: LaVista Vista on 06/02/2010 22:04:01 Everything in game is CCP property so they can dele ...2010.02.06 22:04:00
- I love my Rapier. But I be damned if I can keep a Vagabond in place all that well, post-web-nerf.Als ...2010.02.06 14:48:00
- A general rule of thumb is that if it's a legit mail, then it will include your account name and cha ...2010.02.05 13:57:00
- Feedback:1. Desync: I had 2 clients online at the same gate. One of the clients suddenly desynced, m ...2010.02.04 17:42:00
- I think it's great to see that it is being worked on. ...2010.02.04 12:19:00
- So Riethe's apology is bull****, right? Is it official?From C&P:Hey guys,Bumping this one to the to ...2010.02.02 13:08:00
- Should CCP offices have a new coffee machine installed?Having been at the CCP Offices during my time ...2010.02.01 21:34:00
- Uh....ccp has it ever crossed your minds to maybe,i dunno, reward people for showing up? Why don't y ...2010.02.01 21:14:00
- I'm pretty sure the reoprts I've seen said that AATP had/has 9.500.000 sharesWell if you look at the ...2010.02.01 21:08:00
- Account <removed> has been disabled Last Login: 2009.03.17 16:29 Number of Visits: 1900 reason: ...2010.02.01 20:15:00
- Non-Disclosure AgreementHe didn't disclose anything, therefor how did he break it? Have you actual ...2010.01.29 18:46:00
- arghh there seems to be a bug with window 7 users where the game just crashes straight away Disabl ...2010.01.29 15:22:00
- Regardless of how incredibly stupid the OP is, it did catch my eye how insanely arrogant and foolish ...2010.01.29 14:18:00
- T20 got firedSource? Last I remembered hearing about the whole ordeal, T20 gave his whole "I'm sorry ...2010.01.28 18:23:00

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