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- Guys, how do you setup the shortcut to open a wreck or can? I looked for it in the esc menu, but I c ...2011.02.02 16:30:00
- And here goes, mate: YARR!!!! ...2010.11.27 12:32:00
- Ask and ye shall receive!Thank you for your expediency. ...2010.11.26 17:12:00
- As per the devblog where CCP told us Incursion would be broken in 3 patchs, the first part would arr ...2010.11.26 17:04:00
- Vini, vedi, venci!IBC ...2010.11.16 17:01:00
- Edited by: Katabrok First on 11/11/2010 16:31:07 Congratulations CCP. You are taking the correct de ...2010.11.11 16:28:00
- From some awesome entries they choose this? Oh my... ...2010.10.20 21:18:00
- Edited by: Katabrok First on 24/05/2010 17:29:58 I like the Machariel. I even made a post about it ...2010.05.24 17:30:00
- Oh my, it's coming, it's coming!!! ...2010.05.20 20:34:00
- Hello guys,I'm running for the CSM, and would like to give a shout to everybody here. I'm a common g ...2010.04.25 15:29:00
- My setup:Tyan Thunder N6650W 2 x Opteron 2222 (3 GHZ) 16GB RAM Geforce GTX 285 3 sata HDI run on ...2010.04.18 02:37:00
- I just installed the last NVidia drivers, and they list as one of the bugfixes that now they apply t ...2010.01.20 14:25:00
- Brazilian reporting here. While you are locked in snow up there in the north, we are swimming down h ...2010.01.07 14:21:00
- Tks for the support guys.I'm still waiting, so let's see if I can reactivate the account before next ...2009.12.14 11:14:00
- Account sharing is not allowed I know account sharing is not allowed, but we are talking a bout a 8 ...2009.12.13 12:33:00

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