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- I'm sick of people going AFK in POSAnd screw those people that go AFK while dockedGoing afk is the c ...2009.10.28 12:55:00
- Similar to drone skills, you're gonna want missiles eventually if only to have the option of fitting ...2009.10.15 15:54:00
- Just finished taking a survey. One of the questions was:On which of these types of animals is medic ...2009.10.15 12:28:00
- Go PvPing in an endless supply to T1 cruisers and possibly battlecruisers. ...2009.10.14 18:27:00
- I assume you've seen Ginaz's Behind Enemy Lines. ...2009.10.14 17:44:00
- Edited by: Corwain on 14/10/2009 17:31:44 Allow me to put on a play I call "A brief history of Reco ...2009.10.14 17:30:00
- I'm not a health expert but this is what any personal trainer will tell you:If you get 20mins of car ...2009.10.13 20:13:00
- Did this one shop, out of hundreds of much more hilarious shops, really deserve it's own thread?No, ...2009.10.13 19:40:00
- Not talking about this staged video but more in specific of the "Shopping While Black" thing...You'l ...2009.10.13 19:13:00
- Yeah, the fact that nearly every T1 cruiser will be packing at least a set of ECM drones makes it po ...2009.10.13 18:39:00
- BTW the other thing that is just ******ED is that the Legion's Energy Parasitic Matrix gives the neu ...2009.10.13 18:27:00
- Edited by: Durzel on 13/10/2009 13:17:23 I also hate that you can't get drones AND a cloak cause th ...2009.10.13 18:22:00
- Oveur once called Titans "A big ****." While you are talking about a carrier the fact remains, the ...2009.10.13 17:05:00
- I believe the current cookie cutter is...2x Med Neuts, 1 Med Nos, CO Cloak II10MN AB, Med Cap booste ...2009.10.13 16:07:00
- The only setup that has piqued my interest in my fooling around is...ProteusCO Cloak II 5x Neutron ...2009.10.13 13:03:00

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