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- At least I Observed.... ...2009.11.14 20:14:00
- Reserved ...2009.11.14 20:01:00
- You should fix (or better yet, remove) the module names, aside from using too big and distracting fo ...2009.10.30 23:17:00
- lets just all have lots of secsThis ^^In that case, it's the hot sexy manlove 'secs' you are asking ...2009.10.06 22:35:00
- Who the hell is Audrey Bitoni?!This tbh What the hell, are you like someone from yesterday man? Ya ...2009.07.20 20:00:00
- Edited by: Nevenda''ar on 15/07/2009 19:03:06 In my 4 years in this game, I remember buying a Navy ...2009.07.15 18:58:00
- I must still be feeling the effects of yesterdays drinks, because I have no idea wtf I just read, I ...2009.07.15 17:28:00
- Having a look at faction modules is another point to review in our to-do list in the future. Oh God! ...2009.07.15 00:10:00
- That first ship looks quite realistic and has a 'polished' feel to it, I wouldn't change a single th ...2009.07.05 21:01:00
- Edited by: Nevenda''ar on 04/07/2009 00:11:16If you're fitting less than 3 heatsinks on your baddon, ...2009.07.04 00:07:00
- Edited by: Nevenda''ar on 03/07/2009 23:33:13 Never understood people who pick abaddon over apocaly ...2009.07.03 23:32:00
- This is very strange, I had a dream that someone bought up all the brokara/tairei's rechargers from ...2009.06.24 08:30:00
- "No, it's not true! It's impossible!" ...2009.06.19 18:16:00
- Got this booster which is identical to Gist B-Type, currently selling it for 2.1b, mail me ingame if ...2009.06.16 22:22:00
- Only thing I take issue with is the 'nearly indestructible alloy' gimmick, it's lame. They should us ...2009.06.13 20:33:00

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