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- i lul'd ...2011.08.05 19:03:00
- Will give you a hand-full of pubic hair and some fiddle faddle.contract it to this toon,thanksbootle ...2011.08.04 19:34:00
- Can't tell if this is troll.Eve mail this character with a link of the item. ...2011.08.03 14:29:00
- This is just my opinion:Null M - 6-7bCataclysm Precision Cruise - 3.5-4.5bTerror Javelin Assault - 3 ...2011.08.03 14:26:00
- 3.5b for explosiveif interested, private contract this toon,thanks,bootleg greg ...2011.08.01 21:19:00
- 3.5bI own 2, never paid more than that.Contract it to this character in-game if you are interested. ...2011.07.29 16:27:00
- I had a Caracal fitted with siege launchers on my old account, before it got banned, SADFACE ;(. I w ...2011.07.12 00:27:00
- Just an update, 62 pages of complaints, 1 response from CCP Zulu going on about how we shouldn't get ...2011.06.25 01:53:00
- Going to ignore Val because her troll mode is on hard.Neo has it right though, you should get into a ...2011.02.24 14:52:00
- Edited by: Bootleg Greg on 23/02/2011 15:44:31 You still do not understand the point, i reveal my p ...2011.02.23 15:38:00
- What no estemel invul ? Tanks like 200dps more that way!It's kinda hard to tell if you're a subtle ...2011.02.22 20:02:00
- Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer Track ...2011.02.22 02:11:00
- 3x T2 Trimark BhaalgornOffer - 2.5bIf interested, contract it to me in Jita.Thanks for your time. ...2011.02.17 21:12:00
- ****ed up how many people live right down the street from me that play Eve.Mantua, OHon 44S, near Ra ...2011.02.17 00:33:00
- Loki is alright, but I have to agree with Grim, the Loki does not provide enough DPS for a T3 ship, ...2011.02.01 23:44:00

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