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- Jurassic Park 3Watched it on videostarted channel surfing to see if there is anything better on TV w ...2008.04.04 08:02:00
- Morrowind was better, but Oblivion is good too (and oh-so-pretty)Don't even start the game without O ...2008.03.06 09:55:00
- Free: AVG Pay: NOD32 Online/Pay: Panda ...2008.02.25 11:46:00
- It's indeed an excelent game.I only wish they had put in a proper diplomacy system. ...2008.02.21 06:46:00
- I'm surprised nobody mentioned DarklandsMore than 15 years old, but a trully epic 'realistic' RPG in ...2008.02.20 17:05:00
- One more vote for Crono TriggerToo bad Crono Cross didn't come even close.Second on my list is FF4 ( ...2008.02.19 08:12:00
- Have it for the DSwant addictive.. try a hand held version Got a level 19 wizard all decked out myse ...2008.02.14 19:52:00
- Evolution is not something that has happened way back in the past and can't today be observed anymor ...2008.02.12 13:07:00
- IT breed and raised since I was 12.. no escape for me anymore. But it worked ok for me.. got a job ( ...2008.02.12 08:32:00
- Ok, seriously.Lets say aliens land on Earth AND make their presence and intentions clear .They are:1 ...2008.02.01 12:18:00
- Interesting, I didn't know we can't tell the size of an electron.. ...2008.02.01 06:47:00
- We would get our ass kicked. Probably big time.Ofc it is possible that we are only a few years from ...2008.01.31 21:34:00
- I don't think we should tell you. You could be an alien trying to find out our long term planes for ...2008.01.31 20:49:00
- Wasn't the code of the Sith that there should always be only one Master and one Apprentice? ...2008.01.29 11:30:00
- Fnig great!the only way to improve it is for somebody to edit Neo out. (which you can be 100% sure w ...2008.01.28 16:18:00

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