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- 335 mil in Jita on contractsCheapest on the market (Seens how it's the only one on courier contracts ...2011.09.07 06:44:00
- Edited by: Joe Bonanno on 23/12/2010 15:49:24 So by nerfing WH's so that sites can only be done in ...2010.12.23 15:35:00
- Don't fly what you can't afford? ...2010.10.29 22:37:00
- 1 toTwo Dimesplease ...2010.10.10 01:53:00
- Convo'd you on my alt Two Dimes but you rejected. :/ Send one to Two Dimes if you still have it plea ...2010.10.10 01:40:00
- You know WH gas mining could be lucrative. Most don't bother to mine it because it's a hassle and th ...2010.10.05 09:50:00
- I run 23 hour cycles on weekdays because I don't have the time to do otherwise. That or I'll take th ...2010.10.05 09:39:00
- The solution is simple. Mine with a few PvP ships and ignore local and treat your system like we WH- ...2010.10.02 05:14:00
- Edited by: Joe Bonanno on 01/10/2010 22:24:03 When I'm trying to react stuff inside my POS (gas in ...2010.10.01 22:22:00
- Great, but I've been through MMO Honeymoon Mode™ many times, myself.The high will wear off in a mont ...2010.09.26 09:25:00
- Finally that rat bastard Dr. Finsborough shows up on the grid! I'll have you know he owes me a ****l ...2010.09.12 05:19:00
- I can't tell you which is better, but I can say that if you do decide to go for a factory planet, it ...2010.09.05 01:45:00
- Edited by: Joe Bonanno on 14/08/2010 11:11:55 was supposed to be a reply to a pre-existing topic so ...2010.08.14 11:11:00
- I doubt it and here's why: I'm an EVE player and I'm not *****ing and complaining about EVE. In fact ...2010.07.31 11:13:00
- If it keeps the barbarian hordes at bay, keep building the great wall of bubbles. ...2010.07.22 11:17:00

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