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- Edited by: Dalton Vanadis on 29/06/2011 23:30:52 Want to know why? ...2011.06.29 23:28:00
- Add in to my comment earlier to Fuanmarch:Also, CCP presented compelling reasons at fanfest for why ...2011.06.29 13:37:00
- Edited by: Dalton Vanadis on 29/06/2011 13:12:28 Edited by: Fuamnach on 29/06/2011 02:37:10 Edited ...2011.06.29 13:06:00
- Am I missing something? What is the difference between this and plex? I can use real money to buy p ...2011.06.28 02:39:00
- You speak of contacting CSM for any questions or suggestions. How do we contact CSM?In their sectio ...2011.06.28 02:29:00
- Thank you for your post Zulu. And as others in the CSM have already mentioned, I am sure this weeken ...2011.06.26 20:55:00
- From CSM5 Chair Mynxee, who is currently unsubbed:Zulu: Thanks for this devblog. We have asked you t ...2011.06.26 20:49:00
- At this point, I think my message will be lost in the 70+ pages of others. But I'll give it a go reg ...2011.06.25 07:14:00
- Look at the fanboy buttkissing going on in this thread.Turrets are about 1-2 meters in size, and EVE ...2011.06.21 23:08:00
- Excellent work art department!I kinda wish I hadn't read the comments thread because now I want the ...2011.06.21 19:14:00
- Am i the only one who thinks this is a disaster waiting to happen?I mean sure it looks nice if someo ...2011.06.21 19:00:00
- Fantastic job, can't wait to see the turrets in game!By the way, you were right to leave recoil on l ...2011.06.21 18:57:00
- Please CCP, put this thread out of its misery, give us this awesome POS system and make our sci-fi e ...2011.06.19 07:14:00
- --------------------------- Verification Failure --------------------------- Your EVE client in ...2011.06.01 08:26:00

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