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- Edited by: Friedrick Psitalon on 02/08/2009 13:54:51 Wow. It's nice to know that no matter what you ...2009.08.02 13:54:00
- The lineup looks good, and I'm all for letting smaller less known alliances be part of the tournamen ...2009.07.21 17:57:00
- that doesn't seem wrong to you? It is a basic part of the tournament, releasing the full rules af ...2009.07.20 13:35:00
- Neato - all you have to do is be on grid. Don't have to do any damage or even be visible.In other ne ...2009.07.13 19:04:00
- You heard it here first:Killing an enemy TITAN, all by your lonesome, flown by a max-rank enemy comm ...2009.07.13 18:40:00
- I've sent you an evemail; if you are interested when you review it, please feel free to contact me t ...2009.05.30 18:32:00
- Edited by: Friedrick Psitalon on 30/05/2009 04:32:42 Nah but serioisly.. why were we not plexing? w ...2009.05.30 04:32:00
- Edited by: Friedrick Psitalon on 26/05/2009 02:30:53 FOOM did this immediately after noting how a C ...2009.05.26 02:28:00
- Tip: Asking if anyone's in a wormsystem is like walking into a den of murderers and asking the same ...2009.03.18 13:29:00
- I can confirm the impossible unscannables still exist. Found one in a deadly wormspace yesterday; st ...2009.03.18 13:25:00
- I agree with you personally, but check the CSM logs. I forget which one, but the CSMs *did* bring it ...2009.03.09 11:45:00
- Unfortunately, I read somewhere that Facwar isn't high on the agenda. Reason is simple:They don't wa ...2009.03.08 20:30:00
- ABP works well and has good friends, it's true. We knew they didn't have the force to stop us, but t ...2009.02.08 20:26:00
- *insert picard face palm*I obviously made a mistake getting involved in this sillinessYeah, you guys ...2009.02.08 16:27:00
- Edited by: Friedrick Psitalon on 08/02/2009 13:15:46 Yeah, she came up with that incredibly patheti ...2009.02.08 13:15:00

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