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- Since downtime my wrapped/official client has been tanking hard. Client closing right up when I try ...2008.03.02 15:03:00
- Sig test ...2008.02.28 11:31:00
- My wife will bug me even when I've got my headset on and I'm gabbing on vent.The funny thing is, my ...2008.01.21 11:30:00
- Or when her boyfriend isn't around: "Autopilot engaged." ...2007.12.24 12:20:00
- test ...2007.12.14 21:52:00
- Looks like a giant strip miner orb to me, what with the glowy blasting out of it.But then again I fa ...2007.04.03 22:56:00
- I did the exploration thing for two days, all in 0.5 - 0.8 systems off the major trade routes and wr ...2007.04.03 18:50:00
- Thanks for the info!Still looking for a PC on the Corpii C-Type Thermic Plating. Resist is 1% less ...2007.02.10 11:13:00
- Just got these, want to know what people are paying for them.Corpii C-Type Thermic PlatingDark Blood ...2007.02.10 00:01:00
- If this was their first kill evar then I can kind of understand the excitement and pride. If it was ...2007.02.08 10:56:00
- With crap skills and a mediocre/not-specifically-sentry-tanked setup, I was able to tank the sentrie ...2007.02.08 10:36:00
- I'd just like to offer up a fond farewell to the asteroid belts in Rens. As of Tuesday, they will b ...2007.01.28 13:14:00
- 29.9 here. Brought a friend on who's almost 40. He's pretty nearly exclusively PvP and his reason ...2007.01.15 16:23:00
- Please tell. Tis a discussion Forum.such as simply picking out an anti-pirate, or prominent figure, ...2006.06.02 00:35:00
- I think a system like this could replace the current (and mostly useless) bounty system. Players co ...2006.05.31 21:07:00

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