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- /me casts Bump ...2011.02.14 02:57:00
- a comparison to real life economics and the rights and wrongs of a video game are laughable.Capsulee ...2010.06.26 05:47:00
- If he makes a corp and anchors the pos, then leaves the corp to you, your fine, the pos will not be ...2010.06.12 22:25:00
- CCP has a strange philosophy about its game:we add features but we don't know why players use the fe ...2010.05.30 03:02:00
- Edited by: Woodwraith on 30/05/2010 02:58:18 Wait, how did widescreen help the colourblind and macr ...2010.05.30 02:38:00
- Is it going to cost zero to run?Will we only have to purchase the command centers?The PCC is the onl ...2010.05.09 01:30:00
- if that's true, it's definitely exploiting game mechanicsIf GMs say it's not, they don't understand ...2010.04.27 05:23:00
- Along the lines of this thread - would putting down a lot (~16) of ECM turrets (caldari tower, of co ...2010.04.23 06:52:00
- How much "lucky" are they, to predict and fly into the exact belt each time in such roamings (5 sh ...2010.04.20 19:34:00
- Edited by: Ded MATAP on 20/04/2010 15:54:13 OK.I agree, that bots is evil, and against all that goo ...2010.04.20 17:56:00
- Real northeasterner reporting in. Hope you enjoy your snowdusting, you midatlantic whiners ^^ this ...2010.02.07 05:07:00
- It's puzzling that a 6 year old game mechanic that has never changed is suddenly a 'crisis' The ben ...2009.12.22 19:30:00
- nice, how is this done then? I want to ask here, before trying it..Right click on carrier => store v ...2009.12.13 20:02:00
- Edited by: Derin Vamberfeld on 06/12/2009 21:18:24 Which of the overveiw background color flags (no ...2009.12.10 00:47:00
- I'm fairly certain you can't put unpackaged ships in a freighter's hold regardless of the size.No, ...2009.12.10 00:37:00

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