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- Updated post to include an additional corp requirement - 0.0 based! (so always can shoot people) ...2011.07.17 13:05:00
- One thing I should add, the corp I join must undertsand I have a life outside EVE, after all im payi ...2011.07.17 12:14:00
- Edited by: kalath1032 on 17/07/2011 13:04:22 Good day.After being away / busy with exams and traini ...2011.07.17 12:06:00
- Iíve un-subbed one of my two accounts for one major reason, I hate the new captain quarters, I donít ...2011.06.27 17:49:00
- Cheers CCP! Putting all the NC systems on the same node as gem, especially as all of eve know whats ...2011.02.14 19:58:00
- Hello, I am currently looking for a new corp / home, after my current corp/home seems to be slowly d ...2010.08.09 22:06:00
- Hilmar must be running around screaming at everybody the number of subscribers must have dropped by ...2009.10.15 12:32:00
- Hey fellas! Nice to see your around and now in a new alliance, Im thinking of quiting carebearing as ...2009.07.18 11:18:00
- I'd definately put in for a strong vote on the Procurer/Skiff gaining gas harvesting abilities, with ...2009.05.03 14:40:00
- tbh id rather have a hulk size gas mining ship atm im using a domi (5 turrent slots) plus cargo of a ...2009.05.03 14:09:00
- Edited by: kalath1032 on 12/03/2009 21:09:36 Details about me: 19 year old bloke University stude ...2009.03.12 20:52:00
- The only thing broken about the wardec system is that people like you can dodge it by staying in a ...2008.11.27 23:09:00
- Edited by: kalath1032 on 27/11/2008 22:56:56 Well its say it all really doesn't it the two CSM memb ...2008.11.27 22:55:00
- Great bunch of guy flew with them for a good amount of time, excellet leadership, great fun to fly w ...2008.11.26 15:10:00
- I find that the war dec system in eve is a joke all that happens is people leave a alt in the corp a ...2008.11.26 13:04:00

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