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- This is actually incorrect. All ccp had to do was talk to MS which they failed to even bother to c ...2011.08.07 06:18:00
- the problem i think most EVE players have is that it will only be on the PS3, which is probably the ...2011.08.07 04:37:00
- Edited by: Lord XSiV on 07/08/2011 04:14:17 Well after having come back for the free 5 days, I can ...2011.08.07 04:13:00
- Why would the Eve playerbase be scared of it? After all, the only reason ccp is developing dust is s ...2011.08.07 04:07:00
- Well I can see why people were upset over the expansion. The garbage that ccp passes off as 'enhance ...2011.08.07 04:00:00
- First, how is it not fraud? Really it is a rhetorical question i am not looking for your rhetoric he ...2011.04.06 05:22:00
- "Hey, CCP has flagged me as someone whose subscription fees they'd simply rather do without. I wond ...2011.04.06 03:39:00
- I'm tempted to call your post a troll, mr XSiV. Modern day network ownership these days refers to ...2011.04.05 06:05:00
- Edited by: Pserad Pserad on 04/04/2011 23:03:13 I am not condoning the botters, but I'm betting tha ...2011.04.05 00:28:00
- min mark is where he talks abou ...2011.04.01 03:12:00
- Actually CCP has already proven beyond any doubt time and time again that they have no clue when it ...2011.04.01 02:01:00
- Well what else would you expect seeing as CCP pays bottom of the barrell for the industry....Heck 90 ...2011.03.27 02:18:00
- 15gb/month?? Damn commiesYou mean socialists or capitalists right?In a communist state, it would be ...2011.03.19 18:10:00
- PLEX for Good is a charitable program started by the game's playersWhy do we have to have the "chari ...2011.03.15 13:48:00
- Edited by: Lord XSiV on 19/02/2011 05:50:33 I do have a buddy who's a game programmer and he said C ...2011.02.19 05:49:00

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