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- I just started having this problem tonight. I was on for 5 mins and then suddenly my PC went to a p ...2011.07.13 03:51:00
- We don't need more things that favor the defenders. These arrays would be onlined in every major sys ...2011.05.18 21:23:00
- New or old idea it seems like the proper medium between MUST HAVE LOCAL and no LOCAL! So Op (Corpie ...2011.05.17 00:09:00
- I can't believe its been 6 years now and this still hasn't been done. ...2011.05.16 23:51:00
- Edited by: Agent Kenshin on 16/05/2011 23:48:38 e i didn't see any ideas on the removal of local fr ...2011.05.16 23:45:00
- Edited by: Agent Kenshin on 16/05/2011 23:42:53 So after returning from an extended break and surfi ...2011.05.16 23:33:00
- ......since most veteran PVPers have left the game and there are no skills required to fight for spa ...2010.11.01 16:48:00
- There hasn't been any noteworthy mercenary corps since the fall of MC, as when they died, quite a fe ...2010.08.18 03:06:00
- I'd come to his aid if he calls. ...2010.08.11 23:52:00
- I hope starcraft 2 also showed you the REAL meaning of : mini games? No, actually the only thing SC ...2010.08.01 08:12:00
- Something tells me that once the boss finds out that all of you are busy forum whoring instead of do ...2010.06.14 18:39:00
- Again, I submit, you haven't been a new player in so long that you don't know what it's like to be ...2010.06.14 18:29:00
- Edited by: Agent Kenshin on 13/06/2010 09:35:24 I basically agree with everything. There are a few ...2010.06.13 09:34:00
- Greetings Arestical,BKPR is currently looking for all timezones people to fill out our numbers. We ...2010.05.05 13:58:00
- Greetings Zahn, BKPR is currently recruiting and can meet all of your requirements except the top o ...2010.05.05 13:21:00

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