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- Ah, sweet closed beta phase 2 when even login screen made your nVidia Riva128 or was it RivaTNT card ...2010.01.04 12:16:00
- Edited by: Eternal Hatred on 29/12/2009 08:07:23 Do you actually need anything else? ...2009.12.29 08:01:00
- Voted WoW ...2009.12.24 11:53:00
- Still waiting on those mohawk grenades.....I think Mr. T plays a Night Elf MohawkI found it! Outside ...2009.12.22 10:47:00
- Well, extra few bucks to CCP's account by selling their customer information. Sales people has made ...2009.12.22 10:45:00
- You're still using incorrect version of this wonderful and best FW corporation. Please people get yo ...2009.12.22 09:00:00
- Best FW exploit user corporation? That's FW all about And who would that be? ...2009.12.22 08:54:00
- Quickly, make some nice screenshot and post it to some fun site! ...2009.12.21 14:43:00
- Have you seen any PERVS made thread about our goals lately? I havent seen any pervs lately that c ...2009.12.21 14:41:00
- Beside I know you guys cheat, I have installed those programs Bad Messenger coded for us to use. Don ...2009.12.21 13:10:00
- Edited by: Tosi on 19/12/2009 18:21:20 but it's entirely legalYou're working with PERVS. No it isn' ...2009.12.21 11:40:00
- I have never heard of this country, where it is located? One of those small middle-american countrie ...2009.12.17 10:25:00
- But .. THINK OF THE CHILDREN! It's all because we want to protect them from those pesky PERVS that l ...2009.12.17 10:05:00
- So FW *IS* working as intented? Excellent news! ...2009.12.17 09:05:00
- You are going to be first (in a long list in years to come) developed country to take internet censo ...2009.12.16 10:25:00

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