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- I beginning to wonder if ccp ever think about new players. To know that it would take almost a year ...2006.02.15 16:10:00
- Well i been having terrible crashes. I couldn't play more then perhaps a few minutes without my comp ...2006.01.29 23:06:00
- KADAR: man im having the EXACT same crash!!! exactly the same im having a ATI card aswell!if you fin ...2006.01.27 13:38:00
- Edited by: Lucien Ventris on 26/01/2006 12:39:49 Well i was trying to login to the game, just to ch ...2006.01.26 12:01:00
- There is a help thingy up there that seem to be mainly focused on laptops. I tried all of it but the ...2006.01.26 11:28:00
- Again this is not hardware, if it was my god my computer just experience the exact same thing daaarn ...2006.01.25 12:20:00
- Well thats something, but if you can play other games i doubt its yoru card mate. Its cool you found ...2006.01.25 12:13:00
- Edited by: Lucien Ventris on 25/01/2006 12:06:19 ATI + AMD + nFORCE = DOOMIm not sure but i have p ...2006.01.25 12:02:00
- EX me sir, BUT some people got real issues that need solving so why even bothering posting this HERE ...2006.01.25 11:53:00
- Edited by: Lucien Ventris on 23/01/2006 21:33:07 Ok i just found my logs, maybe someone can see som ...2006.01.23 21:26:00
- Ok this is what i done and failed:i tried the agp x4, fastwrite off, sound off, changed the char.buf ...2006.01.23 21:11:00
- Were do i find the old refs? im a trial user and dont have any old patches. As it is now i barley go ...2006.01.22 17:56:00
- Im having a ASUS moderboard: a7n8x deluxeAND ATI radeon 9700proso am i to belive that this config is ...2006.01.22 17:50:00
- Let me know your rig! plz. I also had hangups on character creation. And ingame aswell. I never get ...2006.01.22 11:21:00
- I read somewhere that EVE got issues with radeon cards could this be such a problem??? ...2006.01.21 21:41:00

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