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- Hey Wollari, is it possible on the Jump Planner to have an option that requires a station in your ju ...2009.07.14 21:32:00
- Anyone know of a tool/calc that will allow you to plug in a BP along with the ME and PE and skills a ...2009.03.24 23:51:00
- Known some people that have used ECM, it works great on them, but who ever ECMed gets full Agro... s ...2009.03.13 22:46:00
- So found a worm hole and a group of us went in. Found an Unknown Sleeper Garrison I think it was cal ...2009.03.06 07:04:00
- Title: Active Module effects Displayed in Fitting Screen.Category: UIDescription: Have the ability t ...2009.03.05 21:18:00
- I noticed while in my Taranis that the blaster models were the old Classic Blaster Models. Same Cla ...2009.03.05 08:07:00
- I am also on build 81762 but do not get the latest build to test with. DL is simply the same build. ...2009.03.05 01:11:00
- I am having the same issue, though a little after probe is launched. There is no Widget to move a pr ...2009.03.04 05:21:00
- Just Downloaded the latest build, Scanning seems to be a bit broke. I launch a probe and there are ...2009.03.04 05:19:00
- Bump for a great corp.We even offer some tatics training. ...2009.01.18 02:28:00
- Canceling Bid 2.2B ...2008.10.20 22:29:00
- 2.2B on 1'st Zarazaa ...2008.10.20 22:27:00
- Nineix it has been a pleasure doing business with you... Even a few ships tossed in... Would do busi ...2008.04.29 18:04:00
- 3.5 BO offer ...2008.04.28 20:49:00
- Please check mail when you get in-game. ...2008.04.28 19:58:00

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