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- Dear IT,I too am anxiously awaiting for you to find a pair. I am waiting in 6VDT-H for you to come o ...2011.01.30 00:43:00
- RIP Goonswarm. Kartoon was always a douche. It was fun while it lasted. So long guys and thanks for ...2010.02.19 17:24:00
- gf ...2009.06.16 19:20:00
- truncated content ...2009.03.09 18:23:00
- Might want to remove Shrike from the list as Goonswarm killed his 4th one a week or so ago (on the 1 ...2009.02.24 02:41:00
- The Mitanni is best Mitanni. ...2009.02.21 01:23:00
- Ohhh I think I saw some fight for sov back in the south ... Not prepared to lose it just.... yet.But ...2009.02.18 18:40:00

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