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- I was just wondering what skills resources and just what and how do I need to go about to build my o ...2006.07.01 08:15:00
- Firstly I would like to say that these forums are total crap, I've logged in 12 times (typing passwo ...2006.07.01 08:13:00
- I felt exactly the same way after completing the tutorial, despite it giving you a taste of a few di ...2006.06.29 08:47:00
- I am new to EVE and like the game but something struck me. When I logged onto my trial account I not ...2006.06.29 08:31:00
- i suggest getting yourself into a industrial ship first and then getting into a mining bargeWhat typ ...2006.06.28 10:24:00
- Ok I'm sat at work unable to get on EVE so thought it would be a good time to get some info!I'm want ...2006.06.28 10:08:00

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