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- Edited by: duckmonster on 25/05/2009 21:00:30Nope, rather kill myself. _______/ RoyOfCA ...2009.05.25 21:00:00
- Maybe they should set the limit to 128 players, that way fleets are more tactical and require strate ...2009.01.10 03:32:00
- Unf. Between nerfing nano style play, and suicide ganking, the last two things I enjoyed about this ...2008.08.06 21:47:00
- Im more *****y about losing my loopy scimitar :(Perma mwding , tanking, 4 weapons system AND tackle. ...2008.07.30 06:25:00
- So much trolling potential ...2008.07.30 06:21:00
- The Ottoman empire where victorious over europe because Turkey still stands. ...2008.07.14 22:49:00
- I miss syndicate ...2008.07.14 22:40:00
- Most balanced would be the Vagabond.Most unbalanced would be the recons, both force and combat, whic ...2008.07.03 04:57:00
- damnyou should seriously think of filing a complaint with the council of stellar management.I'm sure ...2008.06.29 19:40:00
- so whats a good ship to use for suicide ganking?5-6 Cruisers are cheap, and fitted right should work ...2008.06.29 15:50:00
- Waaaay too many questions. Take it from one social science postgrad egghead to another. Too many var ...2008.06.28 12:41:00
- Go hide in CAOD goonbagAll aussies will attest to goonbags being the greatest thing ever.The trick w ...2008.06.28 12:31:00
- I'll trade 2 geminates for this space dong.If necesary I can go up to 4.I'm a goon. You can trust me ...2008.06.24 16:17:00
- Visited ex ka-tet systems last night - empty, not a russian in sight, they took over the stations, b ...2008.06.23 05:43:00
- look at all them words! ...2008.06.23 05:40:00

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