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- I'm out of oxygen isos today. It was a crazy run, but I see miners leaving ore-belts to hunt down th ...2011.05.22 16:42:00
- 3rd party to the rescue for those not finding the 'right' file: ...2011.04.07 12:54:00
- OP probably just realized eve is filled to the rim with funny dudes/gals, and decided he'll give it ...2011.04.02 20:56:00
- I've been working with Linux servers for 13 years, and generally speaking, a out of the box Linux ge ...2011.03.19 11:52:00
- Great work there.While you're familier with a code involved and such, maybe you could spawn 10 Nyx'e ...2011.02.15 12:11:00
- GCC by assisting should maybe give some other response from concord, like perma jam ECM it for a few ...2011.01.26 23:20:00
- While we're at it, the guy selling the mods used on offenders ship should get their sec status low ...2011.01.26 00:09:00
- CCP should not let concord kill RR ships anyway. There is no way any kind of logistic can keep a s ...2011.01.26 00:05:00
- I think all rats should get a buff, and better bounty with it. All you need to rat in 0.0 is a T1 c ...2011.01.18 13:35:00
- So, if you see an enemy come in and start anchoring a STOP, you got 5 minute to get a cov-ops, and ...2009.11.10 23:51:00
- I went after a supercarrier with an assault-frig and killed 2 of the bombers before it pulled them ...2009.10.12 17:08:00
- yeah.Hope they add skills and stuff before letting users on. Imagine doing mass update of the databa ...2009.10.09 18:56:00
- I just have to mention something..The 2 most fun ships I've flown recently on TQ is an astarte with ...2009.10.09 09:09:00
- How much time would it take 30 BS to drain a Titan for cap, given it fires it's super beam once, and ...2009.09.29 22:10:00
- 0.0 people can try -A- catch/impass area. Every system is LOADED with sites. They got moons and ot ...2009.04.28 13:30:00

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