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- Can very well understand why people are asking questions, tho i dont share their opinions.. it also ...2010.06.23 09:16:00
- Edited by: Somekind Damage on 22/06/2010 09:18:10 /me hopes you make good speed for the sake of the ...2010.06.22 09:18:00
- I wouldnt bother normally, except some smartasses at my ISP made me miss the entire thing as well as ...2010.06.22 06:32:00
- Low still seems better than youtubes worst, i could live with youtube worst for the bw's fault. ...2010.06.20 20:01:00
- ty for the link chribba, any way to choose the definition? the button might be there but nothing wil ...2010.06.20 19:52:00
- 10mins till telenor said they would have it fixed and their own website just crashed.. not likely th ...2010.06.20 17:49:00
- <------------- thisany idea how to download it then? since the DNS errors ...2010.06.20 17:31:00
- If it is only a DNS issue, how about giving an ip to the stream that we can try?Tried several DNS-se ...2010.06.20 17:19:00
- Bredbandsbolaget here aswell. It seems I get a time out from, etc. that ...2010.06.20 16:29:00
- I work at telenor, and i cant get it 2 work.Changing your DNS wont help either, so its not really Te ...2010.06.20 16:05:00
- Denmark, ISP: Telenor, no output on netstat.Those guys just lost a customer. /emo rage I can infor ...2010.06.20 15:58:00
- i'm going to guess that it is Level (3) i did some loose troubleshooting and it looks like (unless ...2010.06.20 15:37:00
- returning different answers, but wtf good does it do? cant see dip**** either w ...2010.06.20 15:30:00
- ill take itsend to "Leeme lone" Thank you :-) ...2008.06.05 13:27:00
- worked nicely :) ...2008.05.06 06:36:00

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