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- Edited by: Pheonix Kanan on 08/11/2010 00:44:19Thanks for letting us know in advance you have no ide ...2010.11.08 00:26:00
- Wall of text. The drake is NOT overpowered. It just abuses a system that is already broken. ...2010.11.07 04:33:00
- Which is why everybody passive shield tanks, and almost nobody armor tanks?It's not that armor tan ...2010.11.07 03:04:00
- Drakes aren't the problem, it's passive shield tanking that the issue. It's unbalanced vs every oth ...2010.11.07 02:05:00
- Anyone thats bothered about hours on xfire just leaves there favourite game minimized all the time a ...2008.12.19 14:22:00
- I agree with this topic ...2008.10.05 14:13:00
- please ccp. this univited pvp must stop!111!!1 seriously, all i want to do is spin my ship outside a ...2008.08.07 12:36:00
- I highly doubt CCP will even respond. It's rather obvious they don't really care at all. ...2008.08.07 12:32:00
- I will throw my vote this way *toss* ...2008.08.02 12:12:00
- I think the OP is another Nano Whiner alt just trying to make nano's look rediculous. A very small ...2008.08.02 12:03:00
- Adapt or die you ****tards - Brought you by people who failed to adapt to nanosTRUTH! ...2008.08.02 02:48:00
- Edited by: Pheonix Kanan on 31/07/2008 12:17:46 You have it the wrong way around. Nano noobs are 'S ...2008.07.31 12:15:00
- Edited by: Pheonix Kanan on 31/07/2008 12:15:26 I agree with you entirely. Unfortunately, as I hav ...2008.07.31 12:12:00
- Judging from what's in the dev blog, it should still be able to (at the very least) go above 4 km/s ...2008.07.28 17:01:00
- Dude wtf are you even talking about, was what you said even related to my post?!From what I can ga ...2008.07.28 16:59:00

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