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- OP, war decs allow you to attack mission runners, if they are in a real corp. If they're in NPC cor ...2011.08.25 06:25:00
- OP, the general idea you're proposing has some merit. A dedicated cyno pilot makes sense when movin ...2011.08.11 13:02:00
- I don't live in 0.0 so forgive me if this suggestion is naive, but here goes ...An alliance could cr ...2011.07.29 11:20:00
- In case you are bored with easy things like, conquering a null sec region ... suicide ganking hulks ...2011.07.28 05:34:00
- Edited by: Dutarro on 25/07/2011 01:21:12 The mission will not reset since the target NPC has been ...2011.07.25 01:18:00
- Dutarro,143,139,109 ...2011.07.23 12:52:00
- 1. Make it so that in order for combat to occur both sides have to declare.This goes too far, esse ...2011.07.22 13:11:00
- Edited by: Dutarro on 03/07/2011 23:11:10 I like this approach to increasing the population of low ...2011.07.03 23:11:00
- Why even use jetcans? Fit cargo expanders and cargo rigs on a Hulk, then just dock every time it fi ...2011.07.01 19:01:00
- As another poster said, the issue you raise isn't really about high sec war, it's about station game ...2011.07.01 17:42:00
- There is a huge difference of point of view between the guy that receives a paycheck, and the guy th ...2011.06.29 22:23:00
- Edited by: Dutarro on 29/06/2011 18:12:18It is much cheaper to develop products for an existing cust ...2011.06.29 18:11:00
- I agree the game should be more accessible when a new player starts for the very first time, but I d ...2011.06.29 16:31:00
- A number of players have noticed that recent EVE expansions are somewhat lacking in substantive game ...2011.06.29 15:22:00
- Real money for game-winning items is a terrible idea, but ... it hasn't happened yet, nor even been ...2011.06.26 14:13:00

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