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- If I ever smoked, it wouldn't be the ciggies that would kill me, it would be the one individual who ...2007.11.22 20:32:00
- A rude way of saying a two woman one man threesome?Or a two man and one woman threesome. ...2007.11.20 22:00:00
- Does this have anything to do with why I got cut off from IncGamers, InvisionFree and here at the sa ...2007.11.20 00:21:00
- Buy Windows VistaŽIt is good for you and your laptop! This is worse than isk selling tbh.A bit of a ...2007.11.19 20:46:00
- Edited by: The Pointless on 19/11/2007 19:28:27 Edited by: The Pointless on 19/11/2007 19:27:31 ye ...2007.11.19 19:26:00
- That was unexepected. But... why?I was looking for another char, and a bit of a challange. If your ...2007.11.19 19:23:00
- 3. natural reaction is too duck.But isn't that the same natural reaction for getting shot at? ...2007.11.19 19:19:00
- That was unexepected. But... why? ...2007.11.18 23:27:00
- Then you will be rid of me and I can actually play the game Ooooo-kaaaaaayyyy. >.> ...2007.11.18 23:00:00
- Edited by: The Pointless on 18/11/2007 19:43:19 Dual boot to Linux.Way ahead of you. *looks at ot ...2007.11.18 19:42:00
- Unrelated: why are you killing off your char, he looks too french?I feel I made too much of a mess o ...2007.11.18 15:12:00
- Long story short: I'm building a new gaming comp, and it's gonna have a Core 2 Quad in it, but I'm k ...2007.11.18 14:10:00
- Edited by: The Pointless on 17/11/2007 21:32:48 I'm upgrading, but not just for Trinity. Unfortunat ...2007.11.18 12:57:00
- but then who flips my burger?Slavery FTW? As for the the link in the OP: Oh, WTFing hell? This is ge ...2007.11.18 10:54:00
- Looks fake, having ones body flooded with that much enphorine would have her laying limp in a pool o ...2007.11.18 00:37:00

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