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- Yeah it comes and goes. Will be back in a year or 5.The graphic effects of the giant space storm w ...2011.08.22 10:37:00
- Properly trained you can move +900.000M3 in a freighter.In an Orca, 50.000M3 raw ore, 40.000M3 in th ...2011.08.22 10:11:00
- AFAIK, they sent them to CCP for review (NDA stuff) and didn't get them back (yet) for whatever unkn ...2011.08.21 12:03:00
- The organiser was banned for speaking out against CCP.No for being an angry little brat writing down ...2011.08.20 07:49:00
- I was a bit wary, at first, because I didn't want to give a large amount of my ISK as a "Security De ...2011.08.19 07:28:00
- confirming phaser inc only scammed high sec pubbies such as yourself.Look at it this way, you were a ...2011.08.12 05:12:00
- Edited by: Serpents smile on 12/08/2011 04:53:24 Well, I was like bored, thought their website look ...2011.08.12 04:52:00
- Can't CCP provide a complete guide... That made me laugh. Hard. Which is, in it self sad. Fekk yo ...2011.08.06 14:44:00
- Edited by: Serpents smile on 06/08/2011 14:36:54 You really, really sure it was 0.5 and not low sec ...2011.08.06 14:36:00
- Edited by: Serpents smile on 04/08/2011 15:11:37 Uncheck the box labeled "Load Station Environment" ...2011.08.04 15:11:00
- Just ignore Diesel, everybody else does and he doesn't apparently know any better.There are stupi ...2011.08.04 09:38:00
- Yep very immersive. You dock, magicaly appear straight out of your pod, pod goo is washed off, you e ...2011.08.02 10:48:00
- Edited by: Gerald Taric on 01/08/2011 15:00:15I say "thank you CCP".What's the problem with 1000 gif ...2011.08.02 10:30:00
- I didn't hate it so much, I just ignored it. Be honest it is just fluff. And bad fluff as it is. ( ...2011.08.01 19:08:00
- Trash your settings folder. ...2011.07.23 11:58:00

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