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- Also keep in mind the highest resolution EVE can take as in pixel dimensions is what you are current ...2011.08.06 22:42:00
- China would not go to war with the US because we have Nukes. sure that general made the comment abo ...2011.08.06 13:55:00
- heh I remember the ISS and hearing how they where pretty open to people wanting to use their outpost ...2011.08.06 06:45:00
- I know we can warp through planets because its easier for the server to handle. ...2011.08.06 04:40:00
- . Massive weaponry. Cynosural fields. Huge spaceships that wouldn't have a hope in hell of going int ...2011.08.05 21:57:00
- and just think combine two great space things and you could be totally overpowered!!Drakes produced ...2011.08.05 05:30:00
- I think the previous release of Quafe was just rebranded sprite. ...2011.08.05 05:23:00
- I See the Red Moon Rising, I See there's trouble on the way Don't Undock Tonight Its bound to tak ...2011.08.05 00:56:00
- History has shown the people will kill for religion.But the socialist/secularist answer to that turn ...2011.08.04 23:11:00
- Which probably explains why Eve railgun rounds have exotic warheads (e.g. anti-matter) instead of ju ...2011.08.04 22:33:00
- And yet we cannot fire those weapons further than 250 km for the biggest long range guns. I wish CCP ...2011.08.03 16:06:00
- Event Horizon still creeps me out at times. and sure is an interesting if not negative look on FTL ...2011.08.03 16:02:00
- Edited by: Viktor Fyretracker on 03/08/2011 15:22:16 I think the range limit is for the server load ...2011.08.03 15:00:00
- What is truly over the top is the power usage of some weapons. I doubt it takes more power than wha ...2011.08.03 14:40:00
- 425mm how sweet...Quad 3500mm Siege ArtilleryThis is a very rough idea of what 3500mm is, this might ...2011.08.03 14:21:00

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