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- *sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose* There is no such thing as complete freedom. In order for ...2011.05.21 20:21:00
- To address dear Ms. Jamieson-Read's concerns, I almost resent the notion that Venture Racing Team wa ...2011.05.03 09:44:00
- Edited by: Kayleigh Jamieson on 30/04/2011 10:35:22 Wonderful news! I can't wait to get back on the ...2011.04.30 10:34:00
- Edited by: Kayleigh Jamieson on 29/04/2011 02:51:19 Ah, now here are some good news. I shall start ...2011.04.29 02:45:00
- Oh my! Congratulations, Ciarente. I'm glad to hear it all went well in the end. Best wishes to you a ...2011.02.04 15:54:00
- I am wondering: what do you do in Eve?I joined up in March '06 and for most of my Eve career I was a ...2010.06.08 10:14:00
- I'm not going to touch on the quality of her comment. For all I know she could be nervous or simply ...2010.06.07 08:42:00
- Poor sods. "I'm off to work honey, I'll be back if I'm able to scan up the exit wormhole." Well, th ...2010.05.31 20:08:00
- Edited by: Kayleigh Jamieson on 18/05/2010 17:33:14 Edited by: Kayleigh Jamieson on 18/05/2010 17:3 ...2010.05.18 17:32:00
- For that matter, since I'm getting error messages when I try to scan planets because apparently we l ...2010.05.14 17:54:00
- Are the available resources on the w-space planet nearer to the conquerable 0.0 space, or closer to ...2010.05.13 23:10:00
- Yes, the Expedited Transfer window as well as the Import/Export one are borked for me. I can only se ...2010.05.07 15:44:00
- For two, some planets cannot produce all items. I assumed that was by design. In fact, I thought ...2010.05.07 04:32:00
- Edited by: Kayleigh Jamieson on 06/05/2010 14:02:42 Edited by: Kayleigh Jamieson on 06/05/2010 13:4 ...2010.05.06 13:40:00
- Personally i would like to see the whole corp role thing happen too so that people who want to do ...2010.05.01 15:10:00

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