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- How exactly does faction loot get into Worlds Collide? Deadspace rat commanders don't drop ****...Ju ...2006.07.02 23:34:00
- To the OP:The new ships are Tech 1 ships, so for as long as it takes to get into the existing battle ...2006.06.25 19:14:00
- The scorp can be a great pve ship. It can fit a web, and a target painter without sacrificing at all ...2006.06.25 18:57:00
- I found an 50k omber roid doing tech secrets part 1 lvl 2 mission, but when I went back the next day ...2006.06.25 18:52:00
- While not exactly a solution for logistics ships, perhaps the better answer would be to help them ef ...2006.06.09 01:24:00
- I'm currently flying a Raven for Level 4 missions and was looking for some advice as to what's overa ...2006.06.08 19:46:00
- A question...If you fit a Railox for sniping range, why wouldn't you fit assault launchers in the 2 ...2006.06.08 19:29:00
- BarmaLINI,Great updates to eveinfo. I did notice some slight discrepancies (prior to this recent up ...2006.06.06 20:17:00
- You can try to warp to the complex beacon and do a 360 degree 500km scan. Not perfect but can give ...2006.06.02 22:00:00
- Edited by: Lickety on 02/06/2006 21:58:02 missions with omberhuman cattle lvl 2 & 3 90k units mass ...2006.06.02 21:57:00
- In many of those missions, the necessary tag is dropped along the way for one reason. Another is tha ...2006.06.02 21:54:00
- Edited by: Icesail on 27/05/2006 20:34:53 Torp Raven (8 sec rof) using T1 torps: Any BS less than ...2006.06.02 19:50:00
- Minama,That seems like a really tight fit. Is Electronics/Engineering 5 needed to fit all that?Rega ...2006.06.01 15:30:00
- Thanks for the reply, gotta jet so I'll digest it later when I hit home. I'll also post the fitting ...2006.05.31 22:10:00
- Nice post, got a question tho. I can certainly understand how power transference is more universall ...2006.05.31 21:00:00

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