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- A. covetor bpo x2 for 2.1B per pieceAny ME and PE on these? ...2008.09.24 07:55:00
- So then I ask for debate, "When and where and why should a high-sec battleship rat be worth more i ...2008.08.19 06:49:00
- ... I am almost 100% sure that when they expire I will not renew them.Your stuff sir.. Ah, you ...2008.07.15 06:27:00
- ...Like "I caught my wife banging this caldari player the other day"....Nice one ...2008.06.17 06:27:00
- You know you've been playing/reading to much eve when....You start making sad posts on the forum... ...2008.05.20 06:49:00
- my japseye is itching.Tha tha tha, Always look Japseye Daniel san.. ...2008.01.26 12:24:00
- Now I have to go outside and have a smoke.. OMG.. CCP is in league with the cigarette company's.. ...2008.01.26 12:17:00
- Edited by: Born Slave on 26/01/2008 12:22:15 OMG .. CCP, wake up. Feed the hamsters..sorry.. co ...2008.01.26 12:03:00
- Whine \Whine\, v. t. To utter or express plaintively, or in a mean, unmanly way; as ...2007.12.23 10:50:00
- A new graphics card that'll do SM3 shouldn't set you back 500 anything. I've got an nVidia 8500 tha ...2007.12.23 10:42:00
- ...2007.12.06 20:40:00
- NYC in da house!!!!!! Were we not the former owners of NewYork.. Oh.. yeahh.. NEW AMSTERDAM..Dut ...2007.12.04 21:12:00
- Jamming drones!Nehh.. Drones don't Jam.. they ROCK ...2007.11.21 07:22:00
- This you looking in Jita market. ...2007.11.05 07:53:00
- First of all, I would not quote a GM on the forums. Second, I agree with you. ...2007.11.05 07:07:00

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