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- Did someone mention blobs? ...2010.12.13 07:15:00
- Musical Fist > looks like finn and malganis are at it again, I bet if I made a thread on ah finn wo ...2010.12.10 14:27:00
- So, to sum up: no intervention by CCP at all, no game mechanics changes at all, but the "problem" is ...2010.12.10 10:24:00
- I wouldnt goto 0.0 the north is dead, the east are rmt and the south well as long as you arent part ...2010.12.09 14:54:00
- Recently a large coalition has been so inactive it barely manages to get 100 people in a fleet, sinc ...2010.12.09 14:31:00
- Botting isnt a new thing, why exactly did a kugu article need to get you people to realise how badly ...2010.12.09 14:08:00
- Macro Region - BranchBotting offenders - NAP CancerAccording to NC 99% of the income that supports t ...2010.12.09 13:50:00
- Blobbing is a thing of the past as of now, due to the struggles of inactivity the NAP Cancer is dead ...2010.12.09 13:48:00
- I have been soo busy with NC I forgot about fountain, where did aeturnus go mind you when one side ...2010.09.10 09:33:00
- Yeah I agree with second poster here what exactly would IT / Molle be paying for :S to get Bobby Atl ...2010.09.10 06:48:00
- Mercenaries = Group (solo or team) who get paid to carry out jobs usually in a combat situation.PL = ...2010.09.10 06:08:00
- Npc rats spawned near you and decloaked you. This has been a 'feature' since at least 2006. Luckily ...2010.09.09 05:18:00
- I have new respect for lag ...2010.09.09 04:14:00
- stuff What you are basically saying, is that 0.0 should look like medieval Europe instead of the US ...2010.09.09 02:50:00
- Edited by: Orkasm on 08/09/2010 21:00:33 26 in Q-CAB localCant load systemFAIL LESS PL0XYou may hav ...2010.09.09 01:20:00

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