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- It only actually took 18 DD hits to kill it. They had 10 extra DD's left after the Carrier died. A ...2009.06.17 14:58:00
- Edited by: Veng3ance on 12/06/2009 14:51:54 If only one thing would change...#1 - Sov 3 is WAY OVER ...2009.06.12 14:51:00
- HELL NOArenas kill all other forms of PVP. We have seen this happen in multiple MMO'sOnly ******ed d ...2009.06.12 14:48:00
- How about we just remove jump bridges and titan bridges? Then space will feel big again! ...2009.06.05 16:51:00
- War Dec NerfFinally able to make the Carebears in high-sec a little fearful and they NERF it faster ...2009.06.03 17:05:00
- They used this for a different effect?Oh yeah thats right I turned all my effects off because the ne ...2009.06.01 20:32:00
- I swear I got one of my roommates to do the dishes for a bit of isk.Please don't ban me. ...2009.05.29 16:08:00
- Oh and less friggies means more "AFK" mode mission runners. Do you actually want people to play your ...2009.05.29 16:03:00
- Are you guys dense?Removing frigs from missions and adding new agents in HIGHSEC just makes it now E ...2009.05.29 16:00:00
- Edited by: Veng3ance on 28/05/2009 18:00:16How about Total number of players who lost a ship during ...2009.05.28 18:00:00
- I love Akita TCCP.... learn how to give rewards properly FFS! Its only been said FOR ****EN YEARS. ...2009.05.26 20:42:00
- Bad time for this thread?C/D ...2009.05.26 20:38:00
- No Doomsday in Cyno Jammed systems. Repeating this from the General Discussion thread if it wasn't ...2009.05.25 15:46:00
- Edited by: Veng3ance on 25/05/2009 15:44:27 No Doomsday in Cyno Jammed systems!I win thread!edit: s ...2009.05.25 15:41:00
- Edited by: Veng3ance on 25/05/2009 14:48:41 Cry because all my 0.0 exploration plexes would be over ...2009.05.25 14:48:00

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