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- I'm looking for a corp with an active US pacific tz group. Prefer a corp that uses a lot of black op ...2011.04.18 00:05:00
- Meh I don't know. All I ever read was a bunch of idiots flaming each other to death over nothing. ...2011.04.12 20:01:00
- bump ...2011.04.04 15:15:00
- Alright have the game downloaded again so feel free to contact me in game. ...2011.04.03 16:42:00
- Edited by: Monica Fiennes on 03/04/2011 16:41:53 Edited by: Monica Fiennes on 03/04/2011 01:24:56 ...2011.04.03 01:22:00
- Saturday 5th June 15:00 Against ALL Authorities v Perihelion Alliance -- AAA easily 15:20 Agony Em ...2010.05.25 16:59:00
- Here is a brief battle report. Gallente came to Tama to kill the Overview Glitch pos. As already p ...2009.08.01 07:32:00
- Um did anyone else notice that Wrath of Fenris ninja'd on every single blue mom lost including there ...2009.08.01 03:23:00
- Nice job on the JF kill tbh...someone learned a lesson but the owner of said JF has enough isk to bu ...2009.07.20 07:18:00
- Now I do like some of the guys in and they seem to be a tad bit better then most faction warfare co ...2009.07.19 06:50:00
- Corporation Killsthe united 129,331Rancer guyz are EBiL !Ok I personally have noth ...2009.05.28 00:41:00
- Heh once every few months this topic gets brought up and most of the time its just a way for most Pi ...2009.05.27 17:32:00
- Ok first of all I apologize if this has been asked before but I'm too lazy to check. This question i ...2009.05.16 17:03:00
- Edited by: Monica Fiennes on 16/05/2009 16:23:25 Hmm this is old news tbh. We have killed easily ov ...2009.05.16 16:23:00
- /signed old cyno made it look awesome and helps make the game look awesome to potential new players. ...2009.05.14 00:04:00

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