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- The point is that the super capital mistake can be reversed. Of course not to a perfect state of ha ...2011.08.15 07:10:00
- Bringing super capitals into the game was a mistake. Let's just get that out of the way right now. ...2011.08.15 07:10:00
- We generally want players to claim space, settle down, develop it etc, and if doing so means their s ...2011.08.15 06:03:00
- Agreed.However I still think that there should be a skill to reduce cyno duration.Well, you can alwa ...2011.08.14 22:06:00
- Back up. ...2011.08.14 11:30:00
- Thumbs up everyone! ...2011.08.14 11:26:00
- ...2011.08.14 09:45:00
- About 30 hours left before my 5 free days runs out. So there still is a chance, if CCP puts out a b ...2011.08.13 23:42:00
- Will extend the deadline till right before my 5 fee days are up. Forgot that Friday on PST is prett ...2011.08.13 07:44:00
- What if ccp doesn't release any dev blogs by the end of friday?Everyone loses. And I'm not just tal ...2011.08.13 05:59:00
- **** the blog.Just tell me how someone on a five day free trial has a cool billion isk to give away? ...2011.08.13 05:37:00
- Never.Trust.Anyone. Why do people not understand this? ...2011.08.13 05:18:00
- Edited by: Marlona Sky on 13/08/2011 05:45:04 Additional rules:If your post has the 'edit mark' you ...2011.08.13 04:47:00
- In another thread, a player asked when will CCP release anymore information on the winter expansion. ...2011.08.13 04:39:00
- PvP or PvPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP? ...2011.08.13 02:55:00

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