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- Edited by: Inairin on 16/04/2011 20:25:01 A long while ago I actually asked a GM about this. The an ...2011.04.16 20:23:00
- Eve glasses creep me out, they are all so ugly i'm shocked by how many that chose to wear them 5/10 ...2011.03.18 20:20:00
- This is my take on not just fixing mining, but also for adding depth and some more than the static s ...2010.06.21 18:18:00
- OP is right. The UI needs to go and something better to take its place. I'm not quitting over it, b ...2010.06.13 18:42:00
- A few observations: 1. This problem co-exists with inability to connect(or frequent disconnects) to ...2010.04.19 13:06:00
- Done. ...2008.02.26 16:55:00
- Done. ...2008.02.26 16:51:00
- Edited by: Inairin on 26/02/2008 16:56:57 All sold. ...2008.02.26 16:46:00
- So, how much could you make mining in a navitas if you were mining pure/pristine jaspet?Quite a bit ...2008.02.11 22:44:00
- @WetFerret: I invest 300k-500k isk in a ship (this is if you buy at good prices), in 30mins I've ma ...2008.02.11 22:06:00
- While certainly a nice boost, it's still not that much better. Granted, it's extremely easy for the ...2007.04.19 22:18:00
- Going after what the forums scream, Caldari have been rendered totally useless and gimped after ever ...2006.11.29 17:35:00
- Say i use a destroyer with full rack of salvagers and activate them all on the same wreck. Will it g ...2006.11.29 17:30:00

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