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- I stand by earlier ideas, and what keeps being said, you need to give 0.0 people a reason to mine. ...2011.09.05 03:51:00
- Edited by: Obsidian Hawk on 02/09/2011 20:26:06 its not the 5th of sept yet. ...2011.09.02 20:26:00
- This is an idea that is a hot discussion, it woudl be good and would make 0.0 warfare all or nothing ...2011.09.02 20:06:00
- Seems like eve gate went poof! Any word on if the site is down or what? ...2011.09.02 20:02:00
- Does this information take into account the people who want to play eve but cannot because they did ...2011.09.02 03:24:00
- There are always unforseen circumstances when developing software.And for this reason it is utterly ...2011.09.02 03:21:00
- first patch the client.restart eve and download the optional client fix ccp deployed today to do fis ...2011.09.02 00:39:00
- Edited by: Havak Kouvo on 01/09/2011 16:31:04 Software Developer Rule #1 for Bug Fixes:For every bu ...2011.09.01 17:11:00
- Because CAOD was meant for whining and complaining. However GD is now full of trolls, whiners, comp ...2011.08.31 21:30:00
- We will all find out more info on sept 18th. ...2011.08.30 19:14:00
- This guy all eve players should know. ...2011.08.30 17:56:00
- Given the ratio of MMO's that have succeeded to MMO's that have at best flopped, at worst crashed an ...2011.08.29 21:41:00
- UO, WoW Aion Rappelz - Yes i am ashamed EvETo my fellow UO players. In Jux Sanct! Kal Vas Xen ...2011.08.29 21:23:00
- Hi obsidian here,I just want to educate the EvE community on WoD series.First, World of darkness, ak ...2011.08.29 21:17:00
- What went on at pax 2011? ...2011.08.29 05:55:00

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