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- If you can make your vampire sparkle for $20 a month, they will rake in big money. ...2011.08.29 19:23:00
- Wardec removal."Highsec griefers crimping your corp's style? Don't worry, for a nominal* AUR fee CON ...2011.06.26 17:04:00
- 2008 character unsubscribing. I hope things do get better, but I'm not holding my breath. ...2011.06.26 12:49:00
- Don't give them ideas. With the current terminal stupidity on their part, they might not stop at $20 ...2011.06.25 11:14:00
- Piling into jita won't work, i wish people would stop suggesting it. There is a local cap on jita.Th ...2011.06.23 17:47:00
- What's not to like about 5 midslots? Fit an MSE, prop mod and point, and you still have 2 slots free ...2011.06.17 20:25:00
- Edited by: Gordin Brott on 13/06/2011 09:31:48 "Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. H ...2011.06.13 09:31:00
- Steer clear of all the pve aspects, and your standings won't move. Running FW missions or complexes ...2011.06.06 09:24:00
- If your jam cycle has worked. there will be a small 'jam' text just under the target's health bars. ...2011.05.25 09:12:00
- Also be careful of neutral highsec (i.e. systems owned by Concord rather than one of the Empire fact ...2011.05.10 11:29:00
- One thing a killboard cannot show for a 'solo' kill is the killer's neutral boosting alt and flock o ...2011.04.26 11:00:00
- Back in the days before the Noctis, I used to use a Hurricane to salvage. More to the point, I used ...2011.04.13 20:56:00
- The general consensus is that the occupancy mechanic in factional warfare has little to no tangible ...2011.04.05 10:02:00
- I personally favour a nuclear option to curtail neutral remote repping. Have any character who remot ...2011.03.17 14:22:00

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