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- Not part of my corp ...2011.07.08 00:10:00
- Agreed - very nice work - but this should be in CAOD surely? ...2011.03.17 20:15:00
- Edited by: English Don on 16/02/2010 11:30:27People of CCPExpectation is a marvellous thing. If base ...2010.02.16 11:00:00
- Great team, friendly, mature ppl. Doing all the stuff that makes this game fun.Join Ascent Central t ...2008.05.07 09:11:00
- Ciber You clearly were unprepared for this - so I have lost confidence that you will deliverSo - I ...2007.03.09 11:19:00
- So Ciber - if my offer of 20mil ea is accepted would you create a private Item Exchange for 40mil to ...2007.03.08 20:33:00
- 2 x TS RCU 20mil ea ...2007.03.08 16:32:00
- When I joined Eve I was suprised how I could warp thru buildings and planets - get hung up on non-co ...2007.02.21 14:19:00
- Why package it with Deep Core Strip Miners, when the Strip Miner II's have a higher yield. It would ...2006.10.13 16:39:00
- Now for the unhumorous versionHulk for sale on escrow in Hek VIIIComes complete with 3x t2 DeepCore ...2006.10.13 12:51:00
- You have your Exhumer and your Deep Mining skills and a spare 570Mil ISK, burning a virtual hole in ...2006.10.12 12:18:00
- Many thanks for that Gungankllr - 40mil is all I can affordPls contact ingame if successfulDon ...2006.07.18 18:38:00
- I am very interested in this Implant - what is it's name pls ...2006.07.18 16:15:00

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