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- Please, cry me a river. No, cry for SirMolle a little cover against Russian+PL invasion fleet, maybe ...2010.08.22 22:12:00
- Congragulations BDEAL!You guys have come along way from your days of hanging out in low sec near Sta ...2010.08.20 03:33:00
- Edited by: Yakov Draken on 16/08/2010 22:42:52 Edited by: Yakov Draken on 16/08/2010 22:40:36 #2) ...2010.08.16 22:39:00
- Think about it old U'K - you decided to let a corp of the worst trolling smacktards in Eve into your ...2010.07.25 05:54:00
- I have to agree with Aralis (much as it pains me), this was an infiltration via the game mechanics a ...2010.07.24 22:28:00
- I remember when I respected U'K - before you let Bitter Dog and his corp of leet whiners into your a ...2010.07.24 21:34:00
- Edited by: Yakov Draken on 21/07/2010 11:25:24 When I pirate some dudes space ship there is a good ...2010.07.21 11:24:00
- Edited by: Darbarmic on 21/07/2010 08:07:05 Wusti should slap you for posting crap...Sorry but Wust ...2010.07.21 10:25:00
- But now for the comedy!For someone who is too afraid to say who his main character isYou can easily ...2010.07.21 05:08:00
- I can fly most of the Caldari ships (yeah mission running carebear) and minmatar up to hurricane and ...2010.07.20 21:25:00
- CrapolaI'm sorry, but this entire post is a recruitment post.I love RvB, and have enjoyed having an ...2010.07.15 22:45:00
- Time + sleep = perspective. Thus...rage-post modified with some measure of rational thought. Much be ...2010.06.29 21:02:00
- IMO the only thing wrong with frigates is that it is time to remove the tiers and boost all frigates ...2010.06.28 05:25:00
- I dunno Mynxee but it is kinda hard to take you seriously now. Way to emo. You know she is being ...2010.06.28 00:39:00
- Indeed. CCP should get on with the business of introducing T2 Spoon Launchers. /approveFEAR THE SPO ...2010.06.28 00:21:00

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